Samlor – “Samlor has been in Thailand for a long time. Characteristics of the samlor are: 3 wheels, seat for passenger and seat for driver in front of passenger. Samlor moves by stength of driver.” Kanjana Thai Farmer – “This picture is of two Thai farmers. Farmers are important for us. Thai people eat rice a lot. Thai farmers work in the field. Farmers grow rice for Thai people to eat. Farmers grow rice in the rainy season.” – Juthamard


Popular Thai fruits are Mangosteen, Papaya, Mango, Longan, Marain plum and Carambola. Thai fruit are nice. You can make Thai fruit into sweets – Nuthaphon B Muay Thai is self-defense of Thailand. It has been for a long time. Muay Thai is useful. Used in the time when there was an enemy who comes to city. But now it is a sport. It is very popular and it has gone to other countries. This is popular in countries – Nuthaphon S


Thai games are REE-REE KHAO SARN (To Be Trapped Between The Arches) KHEE MA KARN KLUL (Horse Riding) CHUM JEE (To Mark On Fingers With A Song) DERN KALA (Walking On The Coconut Shell Sandals) and NGOO KIN HARNG (Preying On Snake’s Tail)

Thai children In The Country-side know These games more than city children – Natsuda

The Thai music is the special music. For example: Gong Wong Yai. The frame of Gong Wong yai is made from several pieces of thick rattan or cane called Wai Pong bent into a small oval nearly circular in form. The performer has his seat within the circle. It is about 125 cm. across, from left to right, about 105 cm. across from front to back, and about 24 cm. in height – Nuttarika

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