The garland is a symbol of the Thai nation. If work places have a garland their work will be fine and vigorous. If a property has these then women in Thailand will be the majority – Boonserm Thai clothes are a symbol of Thailand. Thai clothes are very beautiful. We keep Thai clothes for special times. Thai clothes are made of silk. Silk is an animal. People prefer silk because silk is very beautiful – Suragit


Floating market is a market where the people sell vegetables and fruits from their boats. In Bangkok there is only Taling Chan Floating market. At Nonthaburi there is Bang Yai Floating market and there is one in Ratchaburi. That is called Damnoen Saduak Floating market – Chirwa As soon as you enter the village you will see why this village is named “umbrella village”. Owing to villagers having a profession in making umbrellas. The entire village therefore call this place “umbrella village”. Umbrellas are useful such as to use as sun hat or rain hat for example. Therefore Thai northern people prefer to make umbrellas – Katiya


World’s Largest Crocodile Farm founded in 1950 by the famous Crocodile King, Mr. Utai Youngprapakorn. Mr.Utai has been the pioneer not only to preserve the endangered species from extinction, but also to provide a continuing flow of crocodile skins and related products to the world market. Here at Samutprakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo, they are dedicated to the education, preservation, research and the conservation of wildlife, while reminding all#extinction lasts forever – Mathuwadee We have had 9 kings. Now we have King Bhummibol and Queen Sirikit. Thais love their king and queen. King Bhummibol leads a very busy life. He travels all over the country to help people and he continues to perform the ancient ceremonies of the Kingdom.

December 5th is King Bhummibol’s birthday. August 12th is Queen Sirikit’s birthday – Naiwinit

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