Rice is important food for Thai people. Thailand has several kinds of rice.The most renowned is Kaw Hom Ma Li. Thai people like to eat this rice. It grows all over Thailand – Weeraya Thailand – Laos bridge is at Soi 1-2 Banjommanee, Tambon Meechai, Nongkai. The bridge crosses Maekhong River and reaches Tanalang District Vengjun, Laos. The bridge was built by Australia between Laos and Thailand. The bridge gives commerce between Laos and Thailand. The bridge is 1.20 k. m. long and 15 m. wide. The bridge has 2 ways – Yanapat


The monk is the missionary of Buddhism in Thailand. Buddhists offer food to monks every morning and Buddhists go to temple on Buddhist holy days to listen to a lecture on ethics from a monk – Chatchaya Phratart Chaiya is located in Tambon Weang, Surattani Province. The chedi is an archeological site built in the style of the Mahayana sect, When the kingdom of Srivichai was prosperous. Surrounding it are four smaller chedis and wiharn kod which houses many old Buddha images in all four directions – Worarat


Doi Suthep is the mountain to the West that overlooks Chiang Mai, and Wat Phra That is the celebrated temple near its peak. The present buildings date from the 16th century and have been considerably expanded and restored by various Chiang Mai people – Sirilux “Thai dancing” is passed down to the present from Sukhthai period. Is custom of Thailand. Thai dancing is different around Thailand such as northwards – nail dance, equatorwards – ring dance, southwards – manora dance and north eastern – soeing dance – Sushera


Located on the north of Wat Surthat, the Sao Ching-Cha or Giant Swing was originally built during the reign of King Rama I to perform Brahman festivals. However, the ceremony was abolished in 1932 during the reign of King Rama VII – Raya Temple is symbol of Buddhism. Temple is a place Buddhists respect. Temple has beautiful architecture and wall paintings. Buddhists go to Temple on important Buddhist days for ceremonies – Sasinapa

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