Thai Clothes – “In Thailand there are a lot of Thai clothes. Thai clothes have been around since the old times. I know a lot of the names for Thai clothes. For example: Thai juggree, Thai juggapud, Thai dusit and Thai siwalie.” – Nok

Monks – “The monk is a priest of Buddhism. The monks don’t have lust and must talk interminably with the population. Before he is a monk, he must shave his hair, his eyebrows and wear yellow robes. The first monk’s name was Gotama.” – Kridsana


Wat Phra Kaew – “Wat Phra Kaew was built in the time of Rama I. This temple is in the Grand Palace. This temple doesn’t have any monks. There is a beautiful jade Buddha image in this temple. So, this temple is the most important temple in Thailand.” – Sakol

Tuk Tuk – “Tuk Tuk has three wheels. It is made by Thai people. It is a taxi. It is small, fast and safe. It can be found everywhere in Thailand because it is popular with Thai people and tourists.” – Vorapin


Thai Stamps – “Stamps are interesting and beautiful. When you want to send a letter you must have a stamp. Thai stamps have a picture which is beautiful. You can buy stamps at the stamp shop for collecting or at the post office for sending mail.” – Pang

King and Queen – “The King of Thailand is King Rama IX. The Queen’s name is Sirikit. The King and Queen developed Thailand. Thai people are very happy.” – Siwapon

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