Thai Student Diary

This is the fictitious diary of a Thai student that I wrote as a comprehension exercise for my English students. My students have also done their own diaries which they had to keep for at least a week. 

Today I woke up at 6 a.m. I don’t like to wake up early but today I must go to school. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. Then I brushed my teeth. I put on my school uniform. I then went downstairs to eat breakfast. My mother and father were already in the kitchen. My father was reading the Thai Rath newspaper. My mother had cooked me fried eggs. I drank some orange juice while I watched the news on the television. I then got my school bag ready.

Today my father took me to school in his car. Usually I go to school by bus but today I woke up late. My father said he would drop me off at school on his way to work in Bangkok. The traffic was bad as usual and it took about 30 minutes to drive to school. If I go by myself, then it can take about 45 minutes. I arrived at school at about 7.30 a.m. I said goodbye to my father. I then greeted the teacher at the front gate. I also paid respect to the spirits in the spirit house and the Brahman Shrine. I have an exam soon and I need good luck.

I went up to my classroom. Most of my friends were there already. I chatted with them about what we had watched on television last night. Then our teacher came in and scolded us for not reading our schoolbooks. She told us that we have exams soon and we should be revising. At 7.50 a.m. the school bell went and we quickly went down to the playground for assembly. Last year I had to go down early every day as I played the drums in the school band. But, I am not doing it this year. I lined up with my friends from my class.

We sang the national anthem as the flag went up. Then we did some chanting. It is the same every day. Then a teacher stood up to give a talk. She told us it was nearly time for exams and that we should be diligent. She then told us not to run in the classroom and make sure we throw away the plastic bottles in the correct rubbish bin. I didn’t really listen, as it was the same boring stuff every day. The teachers always moan about things we have done wrong.

After assembly we went back up to our classroom. This morning I had three lessons. The first lesson was English with Mrs. Malee. I like learning English as it is useful. My father told me that if I learned English then I could get a better job when I leave school. He said that people who know both English and Thai get paid lots of money if they work in Bangkok for an international company. The next lesson was Mathematics with Mrs. Suda. Today the work was very difficult. But, I enjoy studying Maths as it is fun and Mrs. Suda is kind and she explains everything to us very clearly. The last lesson this morning was History with Mr. Somchai. I am not interested in history and I find this lesson very boring. I don’t think I will pass the exam in this subject.

We stopped for lunch at 11.30 a.m. Today we had egg noodle soup, which is my favourite. Yesterday we had red roast pork with rice, which I didn’t like. My favourite school lunch is fried chicken on rice. Before we started to eat, we had to say the grace to thank the farmers and the cooks. Today it was my duty to take the plates and waste food down to the kitchen. I was still a little hungry so I went to the snack shop in the playground. I had to change my money for chips first. I bought a hot dog and some fried chicken.  I wanted to play basketball like I usually do with my friends, but my teacher said we had to quickly go back up to the classroom to read our books.

In the afternoon we had three more lessons. We first had Computer Studies, which was a double period. So, instead of learning for 50 minutes, we learned for 100 minutes. I like learning about computers. I can type very fast. Today our teacher showed us how to make a web site. Our next lesson was Social Studies with Mrs. Mana. This lesson is usually interesting though today it was a bit boring. The teacher told me off for talking in class. During the afternoon break at 3.15 p.m., it was my turn to help clean the classroom. I swept the floor while my friend cleaned the whiteboard. It took us a long time so we didn’t have time to go down to the snack shop.

Period 7 was a special lesson that started at 3.45 p.m. It was very boring as we had to read our books. I was happy when the last bell went at 4.45 p.m. and we could go home. I quickly packed my bag and went downstairs with my friends. I walked to the market where I caught a bus home. I wanted to go to the Internet shop first but my mother said I had to go straight home. When I got home, I took a shower and changed into something more comfortable. At home I usually wear shorts and a T-shirt. While I am writing this diary, my mother is in the kitchen cooking us dinner. It smells delicious. I hope it is ready soon as I am very hungry.


  1. Jason says:

    he says his favourite is egg noodle soup. But a bit later, he says my favourite is fried chicken with rice. Its on paragraph 6

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