Schools Told To Speak English On Mondays

The Thai government has designated 2012 as “English Speaking Year”. Students, teachers and officials at participating schools have been told to speak English every Monday. The project is to prepare Thai people for the ASEAN Community in 2015. English will be the major language spoken among ASEAN nations. From this time there will be a free flow of professionals and skilled workers in the region. Thai people will be able to more easily look for work abroad, but at the same time, English speakers from Singapore and the Philippines will be competing for job positions at multinational organizations in Bangkok. In order to prepare for this, the government want students to converse in English at least once a week. A top academic criticized the present method of teaching where there is an emphasis on grammar. He said that at an early age the students should be taught more how to use English in every day situations. Listening and speaking skills should be taught rather than grammar.

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