The school bell goes for the first time at 7.50 a.m. If they haven’t already, all of the students must head down to the playground and line up in their classes for morning assembly. At 8 a.m. exactly, the national anthem is played over the loudspeakers and everyone has to stand quietly to attention. The national anthem is played on all radio and t.v. stations at this exact time throughout the country.
Shortly after 8 a.m. the school band will start playing the national anthem and this time the students have to sing as the flag is raised. The instruments in the school band include: melodian, bell lyre and drums.
After the anthem, the students chant some Buddhist prayers. These are repeated line by line after a senior student. The students are all facing the Buddha shrine.
After the chanting comes the student vows and the school motto which the students have to recite every day. Finally, one of the duty teachers gives a talk about ethics. You can always tell who the duty teachers are as they are wearing a brown skirt and white blouse. The picture on the right are the students that arrived late.
Twice a week, the students have inspection for cleanliness. On Tuesdays, the students have their nails inspected. These must be kept short and clean. On Wednesdays, the students have their ears checked. Again, these must be kept clean. The inspections always takes place before the national anthem, so that on these days the students have to go down to assembly earlier. Also, the students have to cut their hair often. This is checked once a month to make sure it is the correct length. As you can see from the pictures, Thai students must have short hair.
Twice a week, the students take part in aerobic exercises. The junior school on Mondays and Wednesdays and the senior students on Tuesdays and Fridays. Thursdays is Scout day at our school and the students come to school in their Cub Scout and Scout uniforms. After assembly on this day they have inspection.