At lunch-time, the students have an opportunity to join in a wide range of activities. The students can choose between one of the clubs, using the library, playing in the playground or doing some quiet study in their classroom. The clubs open for the students at lunchtime include: English Club, Stamp Club, Chess Club, Art Club, Cartoon Club, Movie Club, Computer Club, Karaoke Club, Math Club, Music Club, Basketball Club, Takgraw Club, Badminton Club, Volleyball Club and Chair Ball Club.

The majority of games played in the playground are instantly recognisable by children all around the world. They include: football and basketball, skipping games, marbles and tag games. At the moment, the most popular game with the girls is a jumping one. They make a rope by joining rubber bands together and then take turns in jumping over it at various heights. For the older boys, football and basketball are the most popular games.