After assembly, the students go straight up to their classrooms. When they enter the building they have to take their shoes off before going up the steps. They then walk on the right hand side in single file. If a teacher passes them, they must stop and stand to attention. If they walk pass a teacher then they must dip their head as they walk by. When they arrive in the classroom, they put their shoes on the shelf and go and sit at their desk.
Most classrooms in the school are much the same. They have two sets of double doors and large windows that are always open. This allows the wind to pass through and help keep the class cool. Each student has individual wooden desks where they can also keep their school books. They have most lessons in their classroom and only leave for subjects such as Computer, P.E. and Art. Every classroom must have a picture of the King, a Buddha image and a Thai flag. In addition, there is also a large blackboard, noticeboard, fans, book shelves, shoe shelves, mop and broom, map of Thailand and teacher’s desk. The kindergarten classrooms are all air-conditioned, they also have a whiteboard, computer and mattresses for their mid-day nap.

Some of the students wrote about the view from their classroom window for their English lesson:

“Out of the window I can see Klang Temple. The temple has a crematorium and chapel. Behind the temple is a school. I can see the flag pole. The port is very far, but I can see a crane and sometimes ships. I can see Ocean City Hospital because this is near my school. I can see a lot of buildings. I can see two banks. The sky is blue and very beautiful.” – Jittwaran and Kanokporn

“From our classroom windows we can see many things. There is the big board of Big C hypermarket. It is a modern building in our city. I can also see Ocean City Hospital. It has many patients. Nearby is Phi Chai temple, it’s nickname is “Klang”. It is opposite Wat Phi Chai School. The temple has crematorium, chapel, buildings devoted to religious education. We can see Krung Thai bank. It is useful for depositing and withdrawing money. We can also see Tetsaban 5 Road.” – Ekamon, Piyarat and Natchaya.

When the teacher enters the classroom, the class captain calls out in Thai: “Students, stand up”. The students put their hands together in a ‘wai’ and all chorus “Good morning, teacher”. The teacher returns the greeting and tells them to sit down. The students then ‘wai’ their teacher again and say “Thank you, teacher”.In one school day there are six scheduled lessons. Each one lasts 50 minutes. For the senior students the first lesson starts at 8.40 a.m. For the junior students it starts at 8.30 a.m. There are three periods in the morning and three in the afternoon. School officially finishes at 3.45 p.m., however there is a seventh period which is optional for students who want extra tuition.