How to Visit a Thai School


Some people, while on holiday in Thailand, like to have an opportunity to visit a Thai school. Some of these people are teachers themselves while others are just tourists interested in a cultural experience. It is not always easy to arrange visits mainly due to a language problem. However, at Sriwittayapaknam School we have always welcomed visitors from overseas to our province and school. Over the years we have had literally hundreds of tourists and families visit our school. As we are close to Bangkok, Sriwittayapaknam is the easiest school to visit. After you have visited our school, you might like to see some of the tourist attractions in our city. These include The Erawan Museum, Ancient Siam and the Crocodile Farm which has the largest captive crocodile in the world. Click here to send your request.

Sriwittayapaknam School is open Monday to Friday, though if you are interested to watch Scouting activities then you should come on a Thursday. The school has two semesters. First semester is mid-May to end of September. The second semester is early November to early March. There is summer school in April for 4 weeks. Assembly starts at 7:30 a.m. with the raising of the Thai flag. The first lesson starts at 8:00 a.m. and the last lesson finishes at 3.30 p.m.


WHAT TO WEAR: If you are planning on visiting our school, please dress smartly. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed to be worn inside the school.

WHAT TO BRING: It would be nice if you could bring some postcards and tourist brochures showing your local area. When you come to the school, we will show you around. During the tour, some classes might invite you in to speak to them.

IMPORTANT: You cannot just turn up at the school because of the security on the front gate. You will need to contact us first. We will then notify security of your name and intended time of arrival.

HOW TO FIND US: Samut Prakan is about 30 kms south of Bangkok. Many tourists come to our province on day trips from Bangkok to visit the Ancient Siam, Erawan Museum and the Crocodile Farm. Click here to find us on Google Maps.

BTS: The easiest way to visit us is by skytrain as we are just a ten minute walk from BTS Pak Nam. From the CentralWorld area, it will take you about one hour door to door to each our school.

EXPRESSWAY: If you are coming by car, take the expressway to Samrong-Samut Prakan and exit at the Samut Prakan intersection on to the Sukhumwit Road. This road passes through Samrong first before reaching Paknam, the old name for our city. Some landmarks along this road on the left include a giant three-headed elephant and a Naval Museum with a sea plane and submarine on the main lawn. Finally, you will see a big clock tower on your right and many buildings with red roofs – this is the City Hall. Go straight across the traffic lights, pass Phichai Songkram Temple and then very soon after turn left at the traffic lights. After about 100 metres you will see a blue and yellow striped building on your left. Turn left here down Tetsaban 4 Road (the road sign is in Thai) and you will see the school almost straight away on the left.

BUS: If you are coming by public transport, take ordinary bus No. 25 or air-conditioned bus No. 511 which runs between central Bangkok and Paknam (a.k.a. Samut Prakan). Air-conditioned bus No. 145 goes from the Weekend Market to Samut Prakan via Srinakarin Road. The bus shouldn’t cost more than 17 baht. The first stop inside the city is Pichai Songkram Temple. From here it is a 10 minute walk to the school, though it is probably best to finish your journey on a tuk tuk (about 30-40 baht) or a samlor (about 15-20 baht)

TAXI: Some people have come all the way from Bangkok by taxi. This is not really that expensive. It averages about 250 baht (plus 50 baht for the expressway) which is only US $10. However, please tell the driver to use the meter. This will start at 35 baht. Some people asked their hotel to organize a taxi which will probably cost you a lot more if they don’t use the meter. Even if you cannot find a taxi to come to Samut Prakan on the meter, there will be no problem finding one to go back.


  1. Kendra Thomas says:


    My name is Kendra Thomas and I am an Elementary School Teacher from Brooklyn, NY. I will be visiting Thailand in October with 5 of my closes friends. We would love to visit your school October 11, 2015 for a tour and if possibly would love to read a book or just talk with some of your students and teachers. I teach 1st grade and I would like to take pictures to show my students about my visit at your school if that will be possible?

    Looking forward to your reply.

  2. Usep Sofyana says:

    My name is Usep Sofyana, Promary 5 teacher in Banten, Indonesia.
    On behalf of my school, I am writing to you to have some inquiries. Our students have a plan to visit Thailand on December 2016.

    During the trip, we plan to visit a school in Thailand to have experience of learning at class there. So that, I have these inquiries;

    1. What is the min/max numbers of student for this trip?

    2. How many max/min days are for this trip?

    2. What the sort of programs can be possibly offered?

    3. What places can be visited by students?

    Thank you.


    Usep Sofyana

  3. Nouryana Zeaiter says:

    Hi there,
    I’ll be in Bangkok for a few days near March 20th. On your website it indicated that the semester ends in Mid March. Will I be able to visit with the children or will it be to late?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you,

  4. Larissa says:

    Hi:) I am going to Thailand this thursday for 4 weeks and wondering if its possible to visit your school during my stay to experience the culture and practices?

    Many thanks,


  5. vanessa says:

    Hello im coming next august would love to visit a thai school is this possible ? can we help out with any activities etc ? thanks

  6. Manali Thorat says:

    I am a teacher from India and i loved your article. me and my teachers team would love to come and visit your school to learn about educational system in Thailand. kindly guide.. thank you very much..

  7. Renita Flowers says:

    Hi I will be visiting the area middle of July this year 2018. I would love to visit the school and read to some of kids, share some stories. Would that be possible?

  8. Simon Kettle says:

    We’re visiting Bangkok this month with our 2 boys aged 9 and 11. We’d love for them to be able to see a Thai school and maybe help in a lesson.

  9. HI sir
    I am a headteacher of community school from Nepal.I studied about your school in your article. My teachers team including i are very interested to visit your school in may or june 2019.We like to learn about school administration and class management in Thailand
    so please kindly guide us about that.Thank you very much. I Look forward to your reply
    Birbansh Baitha
    Shree Adhunik Rastriya secondary school Hetauda,Nepal

    • HI Richard
      Last month i had sent you a message but you did not reply me why? I am from Nepal and headteacher in community school.I like to visit some model school in Thailand.So please guide me about it.
      Birbansh Baitha
      Shree Adhunik Rastriya secondary school Hetauda,Nepal

  10. Chanelle Alstad says:

    Hi there,

    We are traveling to Thailand at the end of July and are interested in volunteering at a school. Is this something your school allows?

    Thanks for any information!

    • RichardBarrow says:

      You are welcome to visit for the day to gain experience but I’m afraid we no longer have room for volunteer teachers.

  11. Naresh says:

    I am originally from Manchester UK and now retired and residing in Bangkok for the past 3 years.

    I would love to visit as a native English speaker so the students can practise their English with me.

    Do you have any need for such volunteers ?

    • RichardBarrow says:

      We have twenty foreign teachers and so no longer do we have a need for volunteer teachers. We let tourists visit as it helps promote Thailand. But our students get a real life chance to interact with a tourist in a controlled environment.

  12. Michaela Reardon says:


    I am a teacher in New Zealand and would like to visit your school while I’m in Bangkok. I’ll be there January 4th to 6th and again the 17th. I would love to arrange to visit your school. Thank you.

    Michaela Reardon

  13. Alanah Jefferies says:

    Hi, me and a friend are visiting thailand on the 4th February for 4 weeks and wondering if its possible to visit your school during our stay to experience the culture and practices?

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