There are too many students for a canteen so lunch is brought up to the classrooms in large cooking pots. The students queue up for their food, wai the duty lady in thanks and then take their meal back to their classroom. Here they have to wait for all of their friends to be seated. Then they recite a kind of grace before they start eating.

The following is the grace which the students recite every day. It was translated into English by one of our students.

“During the time that we eat lunch, don’t speak or say things that aren’t good. Don’t make a noise. Take enough food for only one mouthful. Chew the food into little pieces so that you can digest the food properly. Before you get up from your seat, clean up your desk. Put the plate or a bowl orderly into the enameled basin. You mustn’t waste any food. You must eat it all. There are many starving children in the world. Pity all of the children that don’t have anything to eat. All of the food has a worth. When you eat food you must have good manners. Don’t chew the food loudly. Don’t talk when you are eating and don’t say something that is bad. Don’t laugh when you are eating. Thank you to our teachers that take care of us and all of the cooks that make us the food we eat. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.”


The following are some of the typical meals served. Many are hot and spicy and usually contains either rice or noodles:

Rice Dishes
Noodle Dishes
fried chicken with rice
chicken with rice
red roast pork with rice
chicken with bamboo shoots and rice
fried rice with egg and pork
rice soup with chicken
fried pork with garlic and rice
scrambled egg with pork and rice
fried fish cakes with rice
egg noodle soup with meat and vegetables
pork ball noodles
fried rice noodles with soy sauce
noodles with thick gravy, meat and vegetables
thin rice noodles fried with tofu, pork, shrimp, egg and peanuts

Once they have finished, they put their dirty plates and cutlery into buckets. The duty students take the dirty plates and waste food down to the kitchen on the ground floor. The kitchen staff wash the plates, though the spoons and forks are washed by the students themselves and taken back up to the classroom.