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"These stories and photo albums are some of my experiences from teaching at Sriwittayapaknam School in Samut Prakan, Thailand, for the last 17 years."

- Richard Barrow

School Rules and Regulations
Written by Richard Barrow   
Wednesday, 14 January 2009 10:22

Here are some school rules and regulations. Other schools in Thailand will have similar rules.

School Regulations

•    Students must wear school uniform
•    Students must cut their hair according to the school's regulation - namely, short and natural with no artificial methods.
•    Students must not wear cosmetics and other beauty accessories.
•    Students must not bring valuable items to the school. If this is violated, the teachers will keep such items, which will only be returned when his/her parents come and collect it/them.
•    Students must not keep textbooks and notebooks in the classroom or in the school.
•    Students will use the school's communal areas with care.
•    Students will not use lifts unaccompanied by teachers, or without permission.

General Rules

•    Students must not leave the school without the school permission. When leaving, students must give a permission card to the school staff.
•    When in school, students must not make a loud noise
•    Morning orientation will be given after morning assembly. Any advice must be taken and be done so seriously.
•    When changing classroom, students must line up and walk quietly.
•    When using special classrooms and/or rooms, e.g. computer room, library, infirmary and so on, students must obey each room's regulations.
•    Students must behave appropriately to his/her teachers, staff, friends and other people.
•    Students must not visit forbidden places such as club, casino and other unsuitable places for student status.
•    Students must not behave in sexually related manners/ways.
•    Smoking, drinking and drug possession is strongly prohibited.
•    Students must not possess any kind of weapons when in school or in other places.

Arriving and leaving the school

•    Students must attend school regularly, as well as attend every subject according to his/her timetable.
•    When arriving, students shall pay respect to the Buddha image, as well as to teachers.
•    Students must arrive before morning assembly (8.00 a.m.)
•    Any student who arrives later than the above must contact the vice-principal (discipline) for permission to attend classes.
•    When leaving the school, students must present his/her ID cards to 'duty teachers'.
•    Students must not stay in the school later than 17.30 p.m. unless he/she is allowed to do so.


•    Students must write a letter explaining his/her reasons for absence. Such a letter must have his/her parents' signature as a confirmation.
•    If any student is absent more than three consecutive days, she/he must inform the school office and/or classroom teachers for a record. If sick, a letter from a doctor is required.
•    If the above is not carried out, the school assumes that such a student is unreasonably absent from class.

Eating Manners

•    Students must line up when buying food from the school snack shops
•    Students must sit and eat with a proper manner. Eating while walking is strongly forbidden.
•    When finished eating, students must return eating utensils to the school in the areas provided.
•    Students must not bring food to his/her classroom.
•    Students must keep the school tidy and clean.

Lost and found items

•    Students must inform his/her classroom teacher or duty teacher when his/her item is lost.
•    When an item is found, it should be given to the classroom or duty teacher to find the owner & return it.

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